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Four couples sue to have Wyoming live up to ‘Equality State’ nickname and drop gay marriage ban

Four couples sue to have Wyoming live up to ‘Equality State’ nickname and drop gay marriage ban

Four same-sex couples filed a lawsuit against Wyoming on Wednesday (5 March) in an effort to overturn the state’s ban on gay marriage.

The suit not only challenges the ban on same-sex couples marrying but also the state’s refusal to recognize the marriages of couples married in other states where they are legal.

Filed in state court, the suit claims that the current laws against same-sex marriage violate the Wyoming constitution’s guarantees of equal protection and due process.

The couples are: Cora Courage and Wyoma “Nonie” Proffit of Evanston; Carl Oleson and Rob Johnston of Casper; Anne Guzzo and Bonnie Robinson of Laramie’ and Ivan Williams and Chuck Killion of Cheyenne.

Guzzo, a professor at the University of Wyoming, finds it ironic that such a ban is in place in what is known as the ‘Equality State.’

‘As much as I love this state, it is frustrating … to be treated differently by the government because of who I love,’ she stated. ‘I look forward to the day that we will be able to marry before our family and friends in the state we call home.’

Courage, the Clinical Director at the state psychiatric hospital and a Major in the Army Reserve, said in a statement: ‘As a member of the military, having the federal government recognize our marriage was a huge step forward, but Wyoming’s refusal to do the same has left our family without critical legal protections that many married couples are able to take for granted.’

In addition to the four couples, the suit was filed by Wyoming Equality which is the state’s largest civil rights organization for the LGBTI community.

‘The couples in this case, and all same-sex couples in Wyoming, deserve to be treated with equal fairness and respect, including having the same freedom to marry that others enjoy,’ stated Jeran Artery, executive director of Wyoming Equality.