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Four lesbians arrested in Cameroon

Four lesbians arrested in Cameroon

Four lesbians have been arrested and jailed on charges of being gay in Cameroon, a radio report has said.

It is alleged the four women were arrested at one of their homes in Ebolowa, southern Cameroon.

Activists claim the women were taken Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé.

The prison is notorious for its harsh conditions, with it receiving international criticism over its overcrowding, poor sanitation and inadequate food.

CAMFAIDS, the Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS, is seeking further information so it can provide assistance, if appropriate.

In Cameroon, gay sex is punished with up to five years and a fine.

But while it is only for sexual activity, it is often interpreted as justifying imprisonment for people who are suspected of being gay.

According to Human Rights Watch, Cameroon arrests and convicts more suspected homosexuals than any other African country with at least 28 people being charged under the law in the three years up to March 2013.