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Four out of five men don’t think mutual masturbation is a ‘gay’ act

Four out of five men don’t think mutual masturbation is a ‘gay’ act

Is mutual masturbation 'gay'? | Photo: Next Door Boy

Four out of five men don’t think mutual masturbation is a ‘gay’ act, according to male masturbation fans.

Kyle Mustain, a writer for Slate, has conducted an informal study of nearly 87,000 Bateworld users.

Using the website known as the ‘Facebook for masturbators’, he wanted to understand the site’s self-proclaimed straight men who enjoy masturbating with other guys.

He used the website’s user-created polling questionnaires to ask, ‘Is mutual masturbation gay?’

Mutual masturbation ‘isn’t gay’ 

And to his surprise, he found 82% of 565 respondents said mutual masturbation isn’t gay.

For the second question, he also asked about various actions which ‘makes’ a man gay.

Most men then responded with ‘kissing another guy’ and ‘becoming emotionally involved with a male sex partner’.

‘According to these responders,’ Mustain wrote, ‘touching a cock isn’t gay; lips touching lips is gay; and for that matter, heart touching heart is really gay.’

He added: ‘It can be frustrating, seeing straight men debate the infinitesimal difference between touching your own cock and someone else’s, hearing each one hand-wring about “how far he’ll go,” and whether double penetration or using a Fleshlight on a friend is gay.’

‘Lines between “just fucking around”…and “gay” are superficial’

Mustain references the sociologist Jane Ward’s book Not Gay: Sex Between Men in his article.

Ward says straight white men have sexual encounters with other men often employ ‘props, costumes and dialogue’ to have sex with men while upholding their heterosexuality.

‘They get drunk and stoned, watch heterosexual porn, and they talk about “pussy,”‘ Ward writes. ‘The [personal] ads draw heavily upon the model of adolescent friendship, or the presumably meaningless and proto-sexual circle jerk.

‘[They also mention] nostalgic commentary about being buddies or “bros” and sharing “legit” male bonding experiences…’

Mustain concludes: ‘What I have also found on BateWorld is that these lines between “just fucking around” and “kinda gay” and “OK, that’s really gay” are indeed superficial and imaginary.’

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