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Fox News host cuts off anti-gay guest during TV segment

Fox News host cuts off anti-gay guest during TV segment

It appears that even Fox News hosts have their limits when dealing with anti-gay activists.

In a recent segment on the right-wing news channel, host Laura Ingraham cut off a guest who began promoting his anti-gay book live on air.

Anti-gay columnist Arthur Schaper was appearing on the show last week. He was pitted alongside religion writer, Jonathan Merritt.

The three were meant to discuss the Drag Queen Story Hour initiative – where drag queens read storybooks to children in libraries and bookshops – and whether or not it’s a good thing.

But Schaper’s constant interruptions and an improvised book promotion proved to be too much for Ingraham to take.

A video of the segment was captured by the Washington Enquirer and uploaded onto their YouTube channel.

Even too much for Fox News

Schaper kicked things off by lambasting the idea of having drag queens in the company of children.

‘We’re talking about perverse and destructive lifestyles being animated or advertised to children as if it’s normal,’ he said.

Throughout the segment, Schaper continually interrupted the host and his fellow guest during his appearance the show.

On several occasions, Schaper said ‘Wrong’ or ‘That’s not true’ while the other participants were talking. In one instance, Ingraham had to ask him to stop.

Towards the end of the six-minute segment, Schaper began holding up his book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. Ingraham requested he put the book down, saying: ‘Here’s one thing I don’t like on this show, when people bring props.’

When it became obvious Schaper was not going to back down on his promotional opportunity, the Fox News host rolled her eyes before cutting both guests off.

‘This is not a segment to promote one particular group,’ Ingraham said before moving on from the topic.

Schaper continued to talk until his microphone was cut. Only time will tell if his recent TV appearance will increase his book sales.