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Fox supports CNN’s lawsuit in major blow to Trump administration

Fox supports CNN’s lawsuit in major blow to Trump administration

Jim Acost and US President Donald Trump clash at a White House press conference (Photo: Twitter)

Fox News on Wednesday (14 November) said it supports CNN’s legal case to regain its White House reporters press credentials.

Last week, the White House revoked CNN reporter Jim Acosta access after a fiery exchange with President Donald Trump.

It is a landmark press freedom case following President Trump’s persistent anti-media rhetoric.

‘Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized’, Fox News President, Jay Wallace, said in a statement.

Fox News is slated to be the President’s network of choice. He reportedly spends hours watching the channel.

CNN vs the White House

A judge will rule on Acosta’s federal lawsuit against Trump and White House aides on Thursday.

Acosta alleges the White House’s suspension of his press pass violates the First and Fifth Amendments.

But, the Justice Department has said ‘no journalist has a First Amendment right to enter the White House’.

What’s more, the White House has said the president and his staff have ‘absolute discretion’ over journalist access and interviews.

Trump has previously referred to the media—including CNN—as the ‘enemy of the people’.

Rights groups have denounced the president’s rhetoric as a worrying attack on press freedom in the country.

Press conference altercation

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Acosta’s credentials revoked after he ‘put his hands on’ an intern that tried to take the microphone from him.

At a 7 November press conference, Acosta had a fiery exchange with Trump.

Acosta asked Trump if he had ‘demonized’ immigrants ahead of midterm elections. He continued to ask questions on the Mueller Investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections.

Trump told him to ‘put down the mic’ and a White House intern reached for the microphone.

It ended with Trump telling Acosta he was a ‘rude, terrible person, who shouldn’t be working for CNN’.

Following the incident Sanders shared footage of the moment an intern tried to grab the microphone from Acosta’s hand and he refused to let go.

Commentators have accused the White House of doctoring the footage to make the microphone incident more ‘dramatic’.


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