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Frankfurt’s pride ‘Christopher Street Day’ looks a lot like Oktoberfest

Frankfurt’s pride ‘Christopher Street Day’ looks a lot like Oktoberfest

Forget its reputation of a grey and dull city, the place where European finance is struggling to cope in the modern times: Frankfurt can be fun as well.

The German city is hosting its 21st gay pride, called in this country ‘Christopher Street Day’.

CSD is Germany’s and Switzerland’s counterpart to the pride parades and took its name from New York’s Christopher Street, of course, where the historic bar Stonewall is located.

The name is slightly different, but the fun is just the same as everywhere else in the world.

The LGBT rally will finish tonight (Sunday 21 July). Yesterday thousands of people gathered in the city center for the parade, culminating in the Konstablerwache square.

CSD’s spokeman Joachim Letschert told Gay Star News: ‘It’s incredible that a group of 15 people can organize all this stuff.

‘Frankfurt is a small city, but is very open minded. Germany’s attitude towards LGBT people is developing as well.

‘Two months ago the high court said we should have the same rights regarding pensions and social welfare.

‘We don’t have the right to adopt, not yet. But it will come in a couple of months, I’m sure.’

Yesterday’s parade was officiallly welcomed by Frankfurt’s mayor Peter Feldmann.

The day saw a lot of music on the main stage and, at 6 pm, a moment of silence was dedicated to all those who died from AIDS.

Today, in the main square, dozens of LGBT associations will welcome gay and straight people.

Every association has its stall: from those distributing condoms and leaflets to those selling strawberries and cream to raise money for charities.

Beer, of course, is everywhere, and sometimes the Frankfurt’s CSD looks like Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Dozens of parties took place last night, like the Schirn’s drag queen contest, where Gay Star News was a special guest.

The Frankfurt’s CSD will end tonight with an official party at the Odeon venue, in a park not far from the main stage.