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Freddie Smith wants to see gay characters in bed together on Days of Our Lives

'If you are in a romantic relationship, that is the romantic aspect of it'

Freddie Smith wants to see gay characters in bed together on Days of Our Lives

After months of anticipation, the love story between Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis finally seems to be blooming on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives.

The two characters, already close friends, finally shared their first romantic kiss which began on last Friday’s episode and continued through today (24 September). They had their first official date at Sonny’s coffee house then kissed each other again before parting ways.

Will their physical intimacy ever graduate to the bedroom like many of their heterosexual counterparts?

‘I think it’s very important,’ actor Freddie Smith who plays Sonny, says in an interview with Frontiers magazine. ‘If you are in a relationship, that is the romantic aspect of it. So I think it’s important to show every aspect of a relationship.’

The character of Will, played by Emmy winner Chandler Massey, was recently seen in bed with someone – his ex-girlfriend.

‘I don’t think he had any intentions of sleeping with her,’ Smith explains. ‘He was just so broken with everybody he cared about talking so badly to him. He was with a friend and it just sparked, it just happened.’

Daytime soaps in the US have mostly shied away from showing their few gay characters doing anything beyond kissing. ABC did show a love scene in bed on the now-canceled One Life to Live between the characters of Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis but the characters were written off the show soon after.

For Smith, playing a gay role has given insight into and empathy for the coming out process for gays.

‘I have many gay friends and I hear their stories,’ he says. ‘Being a straight guy, I did not go through the coming out process. But when you are playing a gay role, that is your homework, and it brings me much closer to the community.’

‘My character is gay so I feel then I am right in it,’ he adds. ‘I am playing a gay guy for five days a week. I start to get in touch with that side and be able to relate. It’s hard to come out. It’s hard with the gay bashing. I realize it more now through playing this character.’

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