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Man who ended up in ER after fellatio says parents ‘super upset’ over story going viral

Man who ended up in ER after fellatio says parents ‘super upset’ over story going viral

Fredy Alanis in hospital after suffering his accident

The reason? He ended up with a tear in his throat after performing oral sex on a man with a particularly large penis.

Alanis, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, recounted enjoying the rough sexual encounter, arranged via Grindr. However, he experienced chest pain afterwards.

After continuing to experience pain in his chest, he got his parents to drive him to hospital, at first making up a story about what had happened. However, at hospital, he revealed all in order for doctors to treat him appropriately.

They diagnosed him as having a ruptured windpipe (‘Pneumomediastinum’) due to the rough sex he had enjoyed. The doctors said it was incredibly rare to experience such an accident during sex. He remained in hospital for three days, and was off work for two months. He is now recovered. Without treatment, he could have died.

‘Dick sent me to the ER’

The sexual encounter actually took place 3 January. However, he subsequently posted about it on Twitter last week. A photo of him in ER was captioned, ‘remember when I sucked a hulk sized dick and ended up in the ER afterwards LMFAO never forget.’

The incident has not put him off sex, and he has even had another hook-up with the same man.

‘But now ‘when we decide to hook up or whatever he is a lot less rough’, Alanis told Them.

Unsurprisingly, the story quickly went around the globe – helped by a photo of a smiling Alanis in hospital.

‘Rollercoaster’ week

In an interview with the Adam Sank podcast over the weekend, the teenager revealed more about the incident, and the fallout from the popularity of the story.

He admitted his week of viral fame had proved to be a ‘rollercoaster’. Alanis says his parents are not too happy about his newfound internet fame, primarily because he says the original article misquoted him.

‘It’s really impacted my personal life as far as it comes to family life, because my parents are super upset about it. They are still upset about the article.

‘It’s because when, in the article, they quoted my calling myself a whore. They asked if my family knew I was gay and I said, “Yes, but they don’t know I’m a whore,” is what the article said but that’s not my words.

‘What I said was, “Yeah, they know but I didn’t tell them about the situation because I didn’t want them to think that I’m a whore, you know? I don’t want them to think that I was going around whoring around.” They completely twisted my words.’

Alanis says he’d had to explain to his mom why he was on Grindr. He explained to her how hard it is to meet up with other men where he lived without using apps.

He also says his sister received hateful messages from trolls.

‘One of the things that has upset me the most, my sister has been getting so much backlash for this. She has people texting her and messaging her, saying, telling her to tell me to kill myself.’

‘Kind of felt uncomfortable but I adjusted to it pretty quickly’

Alanis says that doing an interview about his accident had definitely has ‘positives and negatives’. He revealed he’d posted about the incident in January on Snapchat, and friends had thought it funny, but it wasn’t picked up beyond his friends. He’d then come across the posting in his memories archive, and thought it would be funny to post to Twitter, too.

He reveals more about the act of fellatio that resulted in the injury, saying his partner’s penis was both long (ten inches) and thick. Asked if it felt uncomfortable while it was happening.

‘The first couple of seconds it kind of felt uncomfortable but I adjusted to it pretty quickly. I guess you could say it will always feel uncomfortable but not to the point it bothered me.’

He says he only performed oral sex on the man, to conclusion. He didn’t wish to try anal sex.

Although telling his story had resulted in some negative consequences, he’d received a lot of ‘support and love’ after his original Twitter posting.

‘I’m pleased a lot of people found it comical as that was the point of it.’

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