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Transphobic ‘free speech’ bus vandalized with pro-trans graffiti

Transphobic ‘free speech’ bus vandalized with pro-trans graffiti

The #FreeSpeechBus has been sprayed with pro-trans free speech

The transphobic ‘free speech’ bus currently touring eastern cities in the US has been vandalized with pro-transgender messages.

Earlier this week we reported on how the ‘free speech’ bus, which is being funded by the right-wing social activism group Citizen Go, had begun a tour of several US cities, beginning with New York City.

The bus is touring several US cities
The bus is touring several US cities

The bus toured several NYC sites, including Trump Tower and Times Square. The bright orange bus is emblazoned with images of a boy and a girl, and the message, ‘It’s biology: Boys are boys … and always will be. Girls are girls … and always will be. You can’t change sex. Respect all.’

The bus is being supported by other anti-LGBTI groups, including the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

However, it’s advocacy of ‘free speech’ has not gone down well with everyone. Yesterday, NOM said the bus had been vandalized whilst parked outside the United Nations.

Brian Brown, president of NOM, told USA Today two people approached the bus in daylight, scratched it with a key, cracked windows with a hammer, and sprayed the message ‘Trans-Liberation’ on the side of the bus.

He said the bus’s occupants were inside the UN at the time for a meeting but the driver was inside the bus. He attempted to protect the vehicle and was tackled but unharmed by one of the vandals.

‘Any prominent LGBT leaders who will come out and publically condemn this?’

New York City Police Department are investigating the alleged vandalism as an incident of criminal mischief.

The incident means the bus is out of action for a few hours of repair work. Citizen Go and NOM say it will continue with its planned tour dates in New Haven (Yale University), Boston, and then Washington DC.

Some on Twitter were not sympathetic.