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French MP claims there’s a ‘powerful LGBT lobby’ during fiery IVF debate

French MP claims there’s a ‘powerful LGBT lobby’ during fiery IVF debate

Agnes Thill against same-sex reproductive rights

French politician Agnès Thill has come under fire after suggesting a ‘powerful LGBT lobby’ is influencing the medically assisted procreation (PMA) debate.

After Paris MP Elise Fajgeles announced a meeting with citizens to discuss the potential opening of PMA – including IVF – to single and same-sex couples, Agnès Thill hit back on Twitter.

She wrote: ‘Is it ‘informing [the public]’ if there’s just one version of it? Our jurists and experts have been divided on the topic.

‘For example, the argument of equality for all no longer holds. Objectivity is necessary, otherwise it’s just propaganda.’

Elise Fajgeles, a former member of the Committee on Laws, replied: ‘You are welcome to debate us, Agnes!’

To which Agnès Thill said: ‘It’s misleading to let people believe that there is more than one vision:

1) There is a powerful LGBT lobby in the AN (Assemblée Nationale), but the AN isn’t the whole of France. Opinions are different here.

2) Our experts are 50/50 and so is society. It is misleading to make people believe otherwise.’

Agnès Thill belongs to La République En Marche!, a socially liberal party in which President Macron belongs to.

Condemnation for her comments

However, the MPs words drew wide-spread criticism. Some labeled them ‘homophobic’.

In a letter obtained by AFP, Gilles Le Gendre – President of La République En Marche! – wrote: ‘The term ‘LGBT lobby’ are homophobic semantics […] Your words do not express a conviction, they are an insidious challenge to some of our colleagues.’

Raphael Gerard, who represents the department of Charente-Maritime, said: ‘It is abject to call parliamentarians members of the “gay lobby”. I would like to recall the right of every LGBT person to be represented in the same way as radical religious minorities.

‘I note that you represent [La Manif Pour Tous] in the National Assembly.’

La Manif Pour Tous oppose the law opening marriage to same-sex couples.

Agnes replied to this: ‘I do not represent any religion. Even less a radical religious minority. Neither the [Manif Pour Tous]. Can we still speak in this country? Without being immediately cataloged [reactionary], conservative, religious, homophobic etc.’

She later apologized for her comments: ‘I regret my comments that may have hurt some of my colleagues and others. I do not judge any personal choice. Let’s go back to the start. That everyone can express themselves. I thank the colleagues who came to me individually to speak.’

The debate began when President Macron said he wanted to change the law to extend fertility treatments to single and same-sex couples. They are currently only open to pre-approved heterosexual couples.

This provoked resistance from Catholic groups across the country.

However, earlier this year, The Conseil d’Etat – France’s highest administrative court that advises the government – told the government that there were no legal reasons to deny single and lesbian couples access.

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