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French politician compares children of gays to would-be terrorists

French politician compares children of gays to would-be terrorists

French opposition politician, Nicolas Dhuicq, declared that terrorism is the product of upbringing children by same-sex couples and that same-sex marriage would ‘provoke psychosis’.

The French deputy, who is a psychiatrist by profession, made these remarks while addressing a debate in the French National Assembly regarding a proposed anti-terrorism bill.

He stated yesterday night: ‘often the terrorist has one defect: he has never encountered paternal authority.

‘He never had a relationship with the limits of parental setting.

‘He never had the possibility to know what is feasible or not feasible, what is right or wrong.’

Dhuicq went further and addressed Manuel Valls, France’s minister of the Interior, saying: ‘is there not a certain contradiction, minister, in your remarks and those of your government, that while looking desperately to relay a [legal] framework, you, at the same time, support a bill that erases the word of father from the civil code?

‘My dear friends, you will cause, in the coming years, gender confusion, denial of difference between the sexes, and psychosis!’

Other members of his party Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) have expressed support of his speech today, including Marc Le Flur and François Fillon.

Family minister Dominique Bertinotti said today that such comments were disgraceful.

On Twitter the word Nicolas Dhuicq became the third most used expression, many chose to respond with humour, laughing at his statement.

Socialist politician Laurianne Deniaud called on twitter for him to be thrown out of the UMP party.

Right wing politicians, conservative and religious figures have been extremely critical of France’s plans to introduce marriage equality.

Despite the opposition, France’s Socialist cabinet adopted a draft bill to authorise gay marriage and adoption on the 7 November.

In a recent poll, it was revealed 65% of French people back gay marriage, and 53% agree with adoption by same-sex couples.

Whatch Dhuicq make the statement (in French):

Le député UMP Nicolas Dhuicq lie homoparentalité… by LeLab_E1