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Freshman gay congressman wants Obama to get involved in Prop. 8 case

California's Mark Takano asks for Justice Department to file brief as they did in DOMA case

Freshman gay congressman wants Obama to get involved in Prop. 8 case

Openly gay congressman Mark Takano has only been in office for less than two months but he’s already showing that he’s not afraid to speak up when it comes to LGBT equality.

The freshman from California is asking President Barack Obama to get involved in the upcoming Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8 which bans gay marriage in Takano’s state.

Takano wrote a letter Tuesday (26 February) to Obama asking hin to instruct his Justice Department file a brief arguing that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional just as it did last week in a brief to the high court on a case challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

‘My district includes thousands of loving gay and lesbian couples, who are not able to marry due to Proposition 8,’ Takano writes. ‘They are our families, our friends and neighbors. They are doctors, veterans, teachers, gardeners, firefighters and police officers. They are Americans. Every day that they cannot enjoy the same rights and obligations enjoyed by other Americans, they and their families suffer.’

Obama has not yet said whether of not his administration will get involved in the case.

Takano made history last November when he became the first openly gay person of color to be elected to the congress. He beat Republican candidate John Tavaglione in the race to represent California’s newly created 41st congressional district which covers Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris and Jurupa Valley.