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Frida Kahlo exhibit coming to the Brooklyn Museum in February

Frida Kahlo exhibit coming to the Brooklyn Museum in February

An exhibit about artist Frida Kahlo is coming to the Brooklyn Museum

A huge Frida Kahlo exhibit is opening at the Brooklyn Museum in NYC on 8 February, 2019.

The exhibit

Kahlo was a Mexican painter who has since become a feminist icon. She was open about her bisexuality, and became known for her iconic self-portraits and unique sense of style. Toy company Mattel even emulated her recognizable image for a doll in their Barbie Sheroes collection.

The exhibit will feature Kahlo’s work — including paintings, drawings, photographs, and film. Plus, personal items from her Mexico City home, the Blue House, will be on display in the United States for the first time.

‘After Kahlo’s death in 1954 [when she was just 47 years old], her husband, muralist Diego Rivera, instructed that their personal belongings be locked away at the Blue House, not to be touched until 15 years after Rivera’s death. In 2004, these items were unearthed and inventoried,’ the press release for the exhibit reads.

‘Making their U.S. debut are more than one hundred of Kahlo’s personal artifacts ranging from noteworthy examples of her iconic Tehuana clothing, contemporary and Mesoamerican jewelry, and some of the many hand-painted corsets and prosthetics used by the artist during her lifetime. Shedding new light on one of the most popular artists of the twentieth century, these objects illustrate how Kahlo crafted her appearance, and shaped her personal and public identity to reflect her cultural heritage and political beliefs while also addressing and incorporating her physical disabilities.’

The exhibit is titled Appearances Can Be Deceiving, after one of her drawings. In this drawing, Kahlo ‘makes visible the disability that her striking Tehuana skirts and blouses covered.’

This showcase of Kahlo’s work ‘comes at an important time. When it is critical to build cultural bridges between the United States and Mexico,’ says Museum curator Anne Pasternak.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving will run at the Brooklyn Museum through 12 May, 2019.