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Was Friends homophobic? Here’s what one of its key stars thinks

Was Friends homophobic? Here’s what one of its key stars thinks

One of the actresses who depicted Friends’ lesbian couple Carol and Susan has addressed the question of whether the show was homophobic.

Jane Sibbett, who played Ross’s ex-wife Carol, says ‘we were never poking fun at being gay.’

The star – who acted alongside Jessica Hecht, who played Susan – added: ‘We were poking fun at a person who didn’t get it, who was uncomfortable with the concept of us being together.’

Jane was speaking to Today when she made the claims.

She furthermore added: ‘That was the great beauty; the great truth in that the joke’s on the people that don’t get it,’ she added. ‘That this is all about love.’

In 2011, a video editor compiled the below video of all of Friends’ homophobic and transphobic jokes across its 10 seasons.

Critics have cited, for example, Chandler’s fear of being perceived as gay as problematic.

‘Ben would be just getting out of college’

Jane furthermore spoke about where her character would be in 2019.

‘I think, Jess and I decided that Carol and Susan would be over in London,’ she said.

‘That Ben would be just getting out of college and we’d be stalking him unmercifully to make sure that he was doing the right thing.’

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