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Friends producer reveals what happened when the lesbian wedding episode aired

Friends producer reveals what happened when the lesbian wedding episode aired

Marta Kauffmann also touched on the Friends reunion rumours.

When Friends showed one of the first same-sex weddings on American television, a little bit of scandal and controversy was a given.

Originally airing in 1996, the episode was well ahead of its time, but now the show’s creators have revealed just how anxious studio bosses were about showing Ross’ ex-wife Carol and her girlfriend Susan get hitched in season two.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, co-creator Marta Kauffmann – whose new show Grace and Frankie airs on Netflix – said the studio was so sure they’d receive hundreds of complaints they put special measures in place.

‘When we did the lesbian wedding episode of Friends, everybody was up in arms,’ she said.

‘[NBC] put 104 operators on for fear of getting a million phone calls. They got two.’

It wasn’t over though, because they still had to wait for letter viewers sent in – another potential source of outraged complaints about showing something else than a straight wedding.

‘A month later, they got the letters, but nobody called,’ Kauffmann continued.

‘And the letters were all from the Rev. [Donald] Wildmon. What a putz!’

With that potential crisis averted, Friend continued to run for another eight seasons.

But even after so many stories being told, fans are still hoping for a reunion of their favourite group of on-screen, well, friends.

There have been plenty of rumours in the past about a reunion, even despite Matt LeBlanc’s recent engagement with British hit motoring show Top Gear.

Kauffmann’s answer to that particular demand will likely come as a disappointment, though.

‘Oh, oh, don’t even,’ she said.

‘I don’t know how many ways we can say no.’