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Fund started for gay police officer wounded in Dallas shooting

Fund started for gay police officer wounded in Dallas shooting

Jesus Retana is struggling financially as he recovers from gunshot woumnd

Gay police officer Jesus Retana is struggling both physically and financially since he was wounded in the shocking ambush shooting in Dallas earlier this month that left five officers dead.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for officer Retana who was shot in the left tricep and is going to need surgery.

He faces a long road to recovery that will require physical therapy and many other medical services many not covered by Worker’s Compensation. In addition, Retana is receiving 30% less pay while he remains off of work.

Retana has worked for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) for the past decade. He has been married since 2008 to Andrew Moss who is a former DART police officer.

‘Unlike Dallas Police Department Officers who receive 100% of their pay while unable to work, DART Police Officers are NOT covered by Civil Service and as of today, DART has not made policy adjustments to eliminate this extreme hardship for good,’ Moss writes on the fundraising page which has a goal of $10,000.

Moss left DART in 2010 for health reasons after successfully leading the fight for DART to provide insurance benefits for same-sex partners.

In addition to the five officers killed, Retana was among the seven injured in all.

Two gunmen opened fire on 7 July during what had been a peaceful rally and march in downtown Dallas and also injured two civilians.

The rally was one of many taking place in the US in protest of two black men being killed in separate incidents by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota.

The gunman, 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson, was eventually killed by police using a bomb robot after negotiations broke down, according to CNN. He had served with the military in Afghanistan.