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G-A-Y’s Jeremy Joseph is setting a Facebook World Record at London Marathon

G-A-Y’s Jeremy Joseph is setting a Facebook World Record at London Marathon

G-A-Y boss Jeremy Joseph has just started running the London Marathon – and today you can make him a World Record winner.

You can help him beat the official Guinness World Record for the most comments on a Facebook post.

Joseph, who owns the legendary gay London club, wants that record to be a way to get people talking about LGBTI equality around the world.

But he needs 33,000 comments on this post – and only on this post, nowhere else counts – to beat the record.

World Record for equality

He told us: ‘I’m running the London Marathon for Elton John AIDS Foundation. But what I really want to talk about is equality.

‘Without LGBTI equality, we will never stop HIV and AIDS.

‘Without equality, we can’t ensure everyone is safe and free from fear.

‘We’ve seen in recent weeks in Chechnya, and just in the last few days in Nigeria, some prime examples of why this struggle must continue.

‘So follow this link, post a comment, start a discussion with your friends and help us reach 33,000 comments.

‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if we set a World Record on Facebook that’s all about LGBTI equality?’

The World Record keepers at Guinness are working with Joseph but have set some conditions.

Anyone can comment as many times as they like, and every comment will count. But you can’t copy/paste. Every comment has to be original.

And there’s only eight hours to break the record. The timer started at 10am when the London Marathon runners set off. The 33,000 comments must all be made by 6pm London time today (23 April).

You can take part here. And you can sponsor the G-A-Y boss’s marathon here.

Digital Pride

Joseph’s efforts are part of Digital Pride, the global LGBTI Pride event that anyone can take part in because it’s all online.

Digital Pride runs until 30 April. You can join in the discussions, watch live performances and take part in our #FightBack Thunderclap.

And to get the debate going and help generate those 33,000 comments we will be asking these questions over the next eight hours:

  • Is the LGBTI movement too focused on white gay men?
  • Has the Pope been a coward by not sticking up for LGBTIs? Should he excommunicate homophobic, biphobic and transphobic priests?
  • Do you think governments really take LGBTI issues seriously?
  • Will things get better or worse for LGBTI equality worldwide in 2017? Are we going backwards?

Join in the discussion here.