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Gabriel Mann talks about his sexy role on ABC's Revenge

Actor tells GSN he relishes his character's fluid sexuality

Gabriel Mann talks about his sexy role on ABC's Revenge

Actor Gabriel Mann has made quite an impression on viewers this season as the cagey Nolan Ross on the ABC drama Revenge which airs a new episode tonight (25 January).

When Nolan isn't busy helping Emily VanCamp central character execute her various revenge plans, he's shared love scenes with other characters – including bad guy Tyler Barrol, played by Ashton Holmes.

The on-screen chemistry between Nolan and Tyler was electric during the first half of the season as they tried to manipulate each other and also became involved physically. Mann gives a lot of the credit to his co-star for the success of their scenes together.

'He's just a tremendous actor,' Mann tells Gay Star News. 'I think when you put two snakes in as pit, something's gonna happen. It was so much fun playing those scenes with him because he's really good and it sort of turned as game of checkers into chess all of a sudden. The delicacies and the complexities of where that was going became really, really fun and I'm glad that people enjoyed watching it.'

The pair have shared an on-screen kiss but at least two kisses they filmed ended up on the cutting room floor.

Mann also had high praise for his co-star's kissing abilities: 'He's absolutely game for whatever. And I think if anybody attempts something with enough enthusiasm, something interesting and potentially good is gonna come out of it. So, he's not a bad kisser (laughs).'

Before the show's mid-season hiatus, Tyler went off the rails and appeared to have been killed. But, Mann says, 'I don't know that that's the end of anything. Nothing is necessarily the end of anything on this show.'

It's not clear who Nolan will get involved with next or even which gender since he describes himself as 'a three on the Kinsey Scale.'

'He's so equal opportunity,' says Mann. 'There's a wealth of possibilities there and I'm game for anything that these writers want to bring at this point. It's like red meat, I just sort of dig in.'

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