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Game show gay star Paul Sinha reveals he has Parkinson’s disease

Game show gay star Paul Sinha reveals he has Parkinson’s disease

Paul Sinha

British game show star Paul Sinha has opened up about his ‘devastating’ Parkinson’s diagnosis today (14 June).

‘On the evening of Thursday 30 May, an experienced consultant neurologist calmly informed me that I had Parkinson’s disease,’ the comedian of Bengali descent wrote in a blog post.

Parkinson’s disease is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. Symptoms include involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body, slow movement and stiff and inflexible muscles.

Paul Sinha shared his diagnosis with his fans

The gay quiz player is only 49 years old. He stars in ITV’s hit-show The Chase, where contestants face off against ‘chasers’ to try to win money.

‘It was a devastating denouement to a medical odyssey that began in September 2017 with a sudden-onset, frozen right shoulder, and took in an unexpected diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, a lifestyle transformation that enabled me to lose two stone, and a shoulder operation in January this year,’ Sinha wrote.

The comedian was touring New Zealand in May 2019 when he became increasingly worried about his health.

‘Behind the facade of the cheerful, late-night comedy festival drunk was a man deeply scared about facing the truth when back in the UK.’

Once back home, he had to face the harsh truth.

Sinha had to cancel his comedy gigs

After the diagnosis, he had to cancel his prior engagements at Edinburgh Fringe. He also said he missed the World Quizzing Championships in order to have brain scans.

Sinha, however, says he is now confident about the future thanks to the support of his loved ones. The comedian is in an open relationship with his fiance, a fellow quizzer named Oliver.

‘With the diagnosis now confirmed, and a treatment plan in place, I now feel far more prepared for the new challenges ahead,’ he also wrote.

‘I have an amazing family, no strangers to serious medical illness, I’m blessed to have a fiance who is there for me, and I have a multitude of friends and colleagues whom I consider to be exceptional human beings.’

He furthermore added: ‘I don’t consider myself unlucky, and whatever the next stage of my life holds for me, many others have it far worse.’

He came out on TV in 2017

During a 2017 episode of The Chase, Sinha publicly came out as gay.

Host Bradley Walsh asked him: ‘In what well-known racing video game are bananas and turtles thrown?’

Sinha got the question wrong.

He then added: ‘My ex was obsessed with Mario Kart. He also said I never paid attention. That’s proved he’s right!’

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