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Game of Thrones stars reward fans with ultimate master/slave fantasy, kiss on national TV

Game of Thrones stars reward fans with ultimate master/slave fantasy, kiss on national TV

As if the wait for the latest season of Game of Thrones isn’t painful enough, the stars of the hit drama have been continuously teasing their worldwide fans with appearances on primetime talk shows. But none of them compares to this one.

30-year-old Welsh actor, Iwan Rheon, and his 29-year-old English co-star, Alfie Allen, made a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

When told by their host, Jimmy Kimmel, to show some love for each other, the pair couldn’t hold their excitement and went for a kiss straight to the lips on top of a hug.

‘I couldn’t resist,’ says Rheon following the kiss.

Well, in case you do not watch Game of Thrones and have no knowledge of the feud that exists between Rheon and Allen’s characters on the show, here’s a summary

*spoilers alert*

Rheon plays the role of Ramsay Bolton while Allen plays Theon Greyjoy. In the show, Greyjoy was tricked and enslaved by Bolton, who wanted him to surrender his power and rightful territories. During the imprisonment, the vicious, sadistic and unpredictable Bolton would play mind games and repeatedly torture Greyjoy to break him and to establish ownership. However, the prisoner still trusted that his sister would come and save him.

The turning point came when Bolton, who heard that Greyjoy was most proud of his huge endowment, sent two beautiful women to ‘rescue’ Greyjoy from the cross that he was tied to and to seduce him. Then Bolton blasted through the door with a odd-shaped knife, revealed that it’s all a lie, and went on to castrate Greyjoy. After, Bolton gave Greyjoy the slave name ‘Reek.’

Greyjoy finally came to accept his fate, and stayed completely docile and submissive. Even when he had the chance to kill his master, like when Bolton ordered him to help him shave with a knife, Greyjoy did not, and stayed faithful.

*end of spoilers*

Season 6 of Game of Thrones premieres Sunday on HBO.