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Gang member wanted for trans brothel robbery

Gang member wanted for trans brothel robbery

A gang member is wanted for robbing a transgender brothel and threatening to murder the prostitutes.

After failing to appear for a jury trial in California, United States on Monday (27 August), a $1 million (£633,272, €796,940) warrant was issued for the street-thug’s arrest.

As reported by the Orange County Register, Cesar Valle is facing a life term in prison if convicted of robbery, burglary and other charges.

Superior Court Judge W. Michael Hayes issued the arrest warrant when Valle could not be located six hours after his court time. He had been set free on a $100,000 (£63,000, €79,000) bail.

Both 22, Valle and Christian Cabrera were arrested in April 2010 after Santa Ana police were dispatched to an apartment on a call of a home-invasion robbery.

All police found were seven transgender women with several mattresses on the floor, according to Deputy District Attorney Erik Peterson.

According to court records, one victim had a deep laceration on her head and all appeared to be frightened.

One admitted the apartment was a front for a transgender brothel and said three gang members came by earlier in the evening and demanded a ‘tax’ of $60 per prostitute.

According to Peterson, one of the gang members said: ‘If you don’t pay, we will come back and kill you.’

Reports say Valle and others returned around midnight, assaulted one of the prostitutes, demanded money, stole a laptop and phone, and fled in a white sedan.

Cabrera pleaded guilty in 2010 to street-gang activity and second-degree robbery and is serving a five-year prison term.