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Gareth Thomas gay rugby biopic moves to Ireland as US ‘won’t understand Wales’

Gareth Thomas gay rugby biopic moves to Ireland as US ‘won’t understand Wales’

A biopic about the life of Gareth Thomas, the top Welsh rugby player who came out as gay, has been in the pipeline for years.

And it appears it is finally happening, but with a few major changes.

First, the lead character played by Mickey Rourke will now be called Mick ‘The Blade’ Collins. Second, he’ll be Irish and not Welsh. Because of this, the film is now called Irish Thunder.

It is unknown why Rourke, who is of Irish descent, chose to move the film’s location but some have their theories.

An insider told The Sun: ‘Nobody in America really understands rugby and there are fears they wouldn’t know much about Wales either.

‘The film is very much inspired by Gareth’s story, but a lot has been changed and the action has been moved to Ireland.’

He added: ‘Gareth was upset about being cut out, but hopes the story raises awareness of how hard it is for gay sportsman to come out.’

Filming was originally intended to start in 2013, but in February of this year Thomas told the Daily Telegraph that the project had appeared to have fallen through.

‘It was like a car crash,’ he said.

The country change was confirmed by Cargo Entertainment, who listed the film’s plot.

‘A story about what it takes to be both a fearless athlete and a fearless man,’ it reads.

‘Mick “The Blade” Collins is an absolute legend in the athletic community and widely accepted as the number one performer in professional rugby.

‘But now he’s in search of a different form of acceptance, and not just from his fans, but from his friends and family as well. He’s on the verge of revealing a deeply buried secret; one that he has held his entire life.’

The film will star Rourke in the lead role as well as Milla Jovovich, Ray Winstone and Vinnie Jones. Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire of Johnny Mad Dog will direct. Michael Costigan of Brokeback Mountain, Peter Heslop of The Imitation Game and Rouke are producing.

Irish Thunder