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Garrett Clayton’s Pride message: ‘Love yourself and f**k what anybody else thinks’

Garrett Clayton’s Pride message: ‘Love yourself and f**k what anybody else thinks’

Garrett Clayton performing in the live musical The Last Breakfast Club

Garrett Clayton’s latest gig has him back in high school playing a student who may or may not be gay.

He’s one of the stars of The Last Breakfast Club, a musical parody playing all summer long in Los Angeles.

‘I think of him still being a virgin and him still trying to discover who he is and being locked in a library,’ Clayton tells Gay Star News after a recent performance at Rockwell Table & Stage, a dinner theater hotspot in the Los Feliz neighborhood where past musical parodies have included The Devil Wears Prada and Hocus Pocus.

In this parody of The Breakfast Club, five students loosely based on the characters from the iconic John Hughes film have been stuck in the school library since the nuclear apocalypse.

Clayton’s Brian claims he has hooked up with the school janitor (Damon Gravina).

‘They are giving him shit about being a virgin and he just picks the first person that no one really knows anything about,’ the actor explains. ‘For Brian, he comes from a place of innocence so for him it’s, “Hey, maybe I like that. Maybe this is what I like. I don’t know what I like because I’m stuck in a library and I’ve never been able to find out who I am.”‘

The role of Brian comes on the heels of Clayton acting opposite Al Pacino and Judith Light in the Pasadena Playhouse’s production of God Looked Away.

‘When I’m looking for the next thing I just want it to be vastly different from the thing I did before,’ says Clayton who came to fame as the star of on Disney’s Teen Beach movie and its sequel.

He was also in NBC’s recent Hairspray Live! and had a recurring role on TV’s The Fosters.

But his most noteworthy role to date has been that of gay porn star Brent Corrigan in King Cobra, an independent drama that also starred James Franco and Christian Slater, among others.

‘I think it’s just too easy to get pigeon-holed,’ says Clayton. ‘I’ve made as much effort as I can to not be pigeon-holed into one type of role because it’s boring to do the same thing over and over again. With King Cobra I know I got very lucky. It was a really cool piece and it was a really interesting role. I got to delve into a completely different lifestyle and work with incredible people.

‘This past year-and-a-half, if I think about it, I’m a little bit taken aback by it just getting to go from King cobra to Hairspray and God Looked Away and getting to do this, I’m very fortunate and I’m just very thankful.’

Clayton, 26, has been playing both gay and straight roles and after King Cobra, there was heightened interest in the actor’s own sexuality.

He has chosen to remain private about it because he thinks talking about his personal life distracts from his work.

But when asked by GSN if he had a message for LGBT Pride Month, Clayton did not hesitate: ‘Love yourself and fuck what anybody else thinks. That’s what matters.’

He adds: ‘That’s why I’m excited doing this show (The Last Breakfast Club) every night. That’s why I’m happy I get to make the speech at the end: “Let’s make a world where people can be who they are and no one fucking judges you. End of story. Be who you want to be and anyone else’s opinion is irrelevant.”‘