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Gay activist arrested for one man protest in Russia

Gay activist arrested for one man protest in Russia

A Russian gay activist was arrested and fined for carrying out a one-man protest against an extreme right-wing group on 31 March.

Vyacheslav Slyusarev, head of a Russian LGBT rights group, was fined 30,000 rubles (£629, €740) after protesting ‘Frontier North’.

Lesbian activist, Clare Dimyon MBE, told Gay Star News Slyusarev took to the Syktyvkar streets after the group decided to rally in one of the city’s parks.

‘The extremist group had formed as a backlash against the emergence of LGBT pride in Russia,’ Dimyon said.

‘Police then arrived and took Slyusarev into custody and handed him with a very large fine after failing to carry out all necessary custodial procedures.

‘Members of the press had gathered outside of the police station when he was released and members of Frontier North pelted journalists with eggs.’

Syktyvkar’s mayor had decided to ban a gay pride march in the city, which had led to Frontier North deciding to hold a homophobic demonstration.

Dimyon and Slyusarev had recently attended the wedding of a lesbian couple, which had been attended by heterosexual supporters of gay rights.

Komi Republic, like all other subjects of the Russian Federation has no laws against homophobia or sexual discrimination.

One-man-pickets are deemed legal forms of political demonstration in Russia, with any larger demonstration illegal.