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Gay actor Jim Parsons on Sheldon Cooper: ‘I take no credit’

Gay actor Jim Parsons on Sheldon Cooper: ‘I take no credit’

Gay actor Jim Parsons has opened up about the part that has made him world famous, Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

The 41-year-old star plays the neurotic character in the hit show, and says his age has helped him stay grounded.

‘I was 33 when I started the show and I’d never done anything in the public eye before. But I do feel I had a decent handle on who I was when all the s**t hit the fan, in the best of ways,’ he told Metro.

‘I had other friends who were working so I knew enough to know I’d probably sign a five-year contract – which was hard to wrap my head around at the time – and [be] earning an amount of money I’d never seen before.

‘I don’t remember how much but it didn’t matter – anything would have been impressive to me.’

The actor also thanked The Big Bang Theory’s writers for their part in making the show – and his character – success.

Parsons has won three Emmy awards for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper in the hit series.

He said: ‘The show’s creators and writers created a character that’s unique to television and I’m taking no credit for that.

‘I don’t even think about [what aspect of him grabs the collective consciousness] or I wouldn’t be able to play it properly. Sheldon has something broken about him, which I think endears him to a lot of people.’