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Gay and bi Republicans are less engaged with LGBT+ community than Democrats

Gay and bi Republicans are less engaged with LGBT+ community than Democrats

  • Republicans and Democrats tend to view their sexual identity and connection to other LGBT+ people differently.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Lesbian, gay and bi Republicans are less likely to feel a part of the LGBT+ community or to see participating in the community as a positive thing.

Meanwhile, 41% of lesbian, gay and bi Republicans wish they were completely heterosexual. By contrast, just 17% of gay and bi Democrats feel that way.

Likewise, 38% of the Republicans think being LGBT is a personal shortcoming, compared to just 16% of the Democrats.

That’s according to new analysis by the respected Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.

Lead author Ilan H Meyer, distinguished senior scholar of public policy at the Williams Institute, said:

‘There is a common belief that LGBT identity and Republican affiliation are incompatible.

‘Although they represent a small minority, some LGB people are affiliated as Republicans.

‘However, it is striking to find how much they differ from sexual minority Democrats in terms of their connections with LGBT communities.’

Indeed, separate polling indicates that three quarters of LGBT+ Americans are planning to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrats. Just 17% will back President Donald Trump in tomorrow’s elections (3 November).

Despite this, there is a small LGBT+ Republican campaign, called Trump Pride.

Less of a bond with other LGBT+ people

The Williams Institute analyzed data from the Generations Study, which provided information on non-trans Americans.

It also revealed that lesbian, gay and bi Democrats are twice as likely as LGB Republicans to think it’s important to be politically active in the LGBT+ community.

Republicans were less likely to be involved in the community, to see it as positive or to feel a bond with LGBT+ people. They tended not to feel that problems other LGBT+ people face are their problems.

Despite that, most people across both parties were out to family memes, straigh friends, work colleagues and health care providers.

Morever, most Democrats and Republicans agreed on one other unfortunate truth. They thought people tended to think less of LGB Americans and most would not want to hire an openly LGB person to take care of their children.