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Gay and lesbian foreigners could soon marry in Buenos Aires

Draft bill proposes same-sex marriage laws should be extended to tourists

Gay and lesbian foreigners could soon marry in Buenos Aires

The Same-Sex Marriage Act in Argentina could soon be amended to allow LGBT visitors to marry in Buenos Aires.

City lawmaker Maria Rachid has introduced a draft bill that aims to allow gay and lesbian tourists to marry in the capital city without a local address.

The bill states that non-residents will only be asked to present a photocopy of their passport, the address of where they are staying during their visit and how long they intend to stay in Argentina.

Rachid argues that 'while on Argentine territory, all foreigners are protected by the citizens’ civil rights … they can make up their will and get married in accordance to the law.'

She then explains that the bill's goal is to 'put what the Constitution says into practice.'

Last month, gay Paraguayan couple Simón Cazal (31) and Sergio Lopez (18) became the first foreign same-sex couple to get married in Argentina. The pair were wed in the city of Rosario, which is currently the only place in Argentina where no residency is required for marriage between gay or lesbian couples.

Argentina extended the definition of marriage in 2012 to include same-sex couples, making it the first Latin American country to do so.

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