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Gay and transgender men enter British Big Brother house

Gay and transgender men enter British Big Brother house

With at least one gay man and one transgendered man making up the 16 contestants, Big Brother 2012 is underway.

Big Brother was one of the first reality shows in the UK, first broadcast by Channel 4 in 2000. Now moved to Channel 5, the format is much the same with the housemates being given tasks to complete and then punished or rewarded.

The winner will be in full view of the public for all 10 weeks as one by one, the contestants will be eliminated. Voting already is open for the first eviction with Conor, Lydia and Victoria already finding themselves on the chopping block, awaiting the metaphorical chopper.

This year among the contestants are Luke Anderson, a 31 year old Virgo from Flintshire. He was born in South Africa but brought up in Wales and works as a development chef.

Up until his arrival in the Big Brother house, only his immediate family knew he was trangendered. Having begun his gender transition four years ago, he is hoping his appearance on the show will show other trans guys the can have a ‘normal’ life.

Gay Scott Mason arrives in the Big Brother house after a brief and unsuccessful career as an Avon boy. He appears slightly obsessed with the upper classes and enjoys hunting animals, holding an ambition to go to Africa for some big game hunting and return home with the trophies. A history student, he hopes his appearance on the show will lead to a career as a TV historian.

Other contestants include : Adam Kelly, born in Burton-on-Trent but who became a member of the infamous gang, the Los Angeles Crips; Benedict Garret, a former teacher and porn star from London and Chris James, a UFO spotting bailiff from Luton.