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Gay and want cheap theatre tickets? Go to Florence

LGBT group in Tuscany, Italy, promotes play by giving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender theatre lovers discount tickets

Gay and want cheap theatre tickets? Go to Florence

An Italian LGBT group is offering lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people discounted tickets for shows at a Florence theatre.

Azione Gay e Lesbica, a Tuscan movement of the Arci network, has decided to promote the show Io Non So Chi Sei (I don’t know who you are) at the Teatro di Rifredi in Florence.

Cristina Banchetti, the theatre’s head of communications, said: ‘The show has been a great success, it has sold out. We gave a lot of vouchers with a €2 discount ($2.60) and the public appreciated this promotion.’

The news also appeared in Florence’s right-wing newspapers.

‘Are you gay? You can have a discount,’ was the headline of the daily paper La Nazione.

Riccardo Bettini, a member of the Azione Gay e Lesbica’s assembly, says the newspaper is suggesting the theatre is discriminating against people who are not gay.

‘We are pleased that the voice of the right has also spoken about us,’ said Bettini.

He added: ‘We’ve been working with the Teatro di Rifredi for the last years and we’ll go on with these promotions. I think that there’s nothing strange about the theatre offering discounts to LGBT people and, in the same way, it offers discounts to members of other associations.’

According to Mr Bettini, ‘Florence is a good place for lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgenders, it’s better than other Italian cities. The region of Tuscany has also approved a law against discrimination, but we’d like to have a better relationship with Florence’s mayor Matteo Renzi.’

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