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Gay Ariana Grande fan is 10th confirmed victim in Manchester attack

Gay Ariana Grande fan is 10th confirmed victim in Manchester attack

Martyn Hett was one of 22 people killed in the Manchester attack

A gay man has been confirmed as one of the victims of a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert.

Martyn Hett, 29, was missing since Monday night (21 May), after he attended the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena.

A suicide bomber killed 22 people, including an eight-year-old girl, and injured 59.

The last thing Martyn tweeted was a joke about how everyone chose the same song to go for a toilet break.

Immediately following the attack, Martyn’s brother Dan Hett posted a picture of him on Facebook and Twitter, asking for help in finding his sibling.

Now Manchester Police have confirmed Martyn is the 10th identified victim.

It was his boyfriend, Russell Hayward, tweeted the news.

‘We got the news last night that our wonderful, iconic and beautiful Martyn didn’t survive,’ he said.

‘He left the world exactly how he lived, centre of attention. I’m in a really bad way so please forgive if I don’t reply.

‘Thankfully I have his wonderful and amazing friends to keep each other strong. I love you Martyn. I always will.’

Russell also tweeted a picture of the two of them, asking Martyn to ‘come back to us… so we can watch last nights Corrie together’.

Martyn and Russell appeared on, and won, Come Dine With Me together; Martyn, a big Coronation Street fan, also appeared on Tattoo Fixers where he showed off his Deirdre Barlow ink.

He had just quit his job as a digital manager at Rumpus PR to go on a two-month trip of the United States and on Monday posted a picture of his last leaving drinks with a friend.

Martyn was also a contributor to gay magazines Attitude and QX.

Since the news broke, people have been commenting on his own as well as his brother’s Facebook profile, expressing their condolences.

‘RIP Martyn. Someone who didn’t know you but so wanted to see or hear that you had been found alive,’ one user wrote.

‘So sorry to your family for the pain they must be going through. Judging from all the things I have seen you was a fun and loving person who brighten up the lives of people you have touched! Sleep tight.’

Piers Petrus, a friend of Martyn’s, said he had to ‘pull over and take a break to remember you and share some memories of our sporadic and hilarious meetings over the past 10 years’.

‘I think you sum it up the best when you said yourself – I’ll never forget that time you made me take off that shirt because you were wearing it too on your birthday – haha,’ Piers said.

‘Totally agree with Russell’s kind and loving sentiments. Although we drifted apart, Russell, your family and all your loved ones are in my heart, and you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Martyn, love Piers.’

The names of the other identified victims are

Marcin Klis, 42, and his wife Angelika Klis, 40
Kelly Brewster, 32
Olivia Campbell, 15
John Atkinson, 26
Alison Howe, 45
Lisa Lees, 47
Saffie-Rise Roussos, 8
Georgina Callander, 18