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Gay Asian experience: Why it is now the hottest gay travel trend

Gay Asia had always been a controversial destination for gay travelers. This statement is long outdated and we are going to prove it!

Gay Asian experience: Why it is now the hottest gay travel trend
Have you ever been to Asia? | Photos: Shutterstock courtesy of Travel By Interest

Asia had always been and will continue to be the queen of exotic holidays. Apart from the Caribbean, you will not find many other destinations for exotic vacations rather than in Asia. Whether you are searching for alternative gay holidays in tropical forests and hotel rooms located on isolated beaches, or cosmopolitan cities and towns featuring a vivid and unique gay culture.

Of course, we are not going to deny that as a Muslim continent, many of the countries in Asia have not accepted the gay culture yet while many of them, the majority of them located in the Middle East, punish it. That does not mean that there are not countries who accept homosexuality as a part of their culture. The most open to the gay community are Hong Kong, IsraelJapanIndonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Asia is also proud to be the continent that hosts the country where the first and the only LGBT political party was born, and it was in the Philippines in 2003. Vietnam is among the very few countries in the world where homosexuality had always been legal, while Bangkok has fully embraced the third gender.

Gay beaches in Asia: pretty hidden but they do exist!

First, come to the beaches and then everything else when we are talking about in Asia. But… did you know that there are actually gay beaches in Asia? Indeed… There might be very few of them, and they might not get as crowded as the gay beaches of Mykonos and Barcelona, but they are still there, waiting for you to explore them.

Of course, Asia is packed with gay-friendly beaches for all kinds of travelers. Either we are talking about secluded beaches with very few visitors or organized ones with many bars and restaurants nearby. But let’s talk a little more about three gay beaches in Asia!

Pattaya gay beach in Thailand

Jomtien beach is located on the southern part of Pattaya. A part of that beach, called Dongtan gay beach,  has become the most popular hotspot for gay travelers in the country. It gets pretty crowded after 6pm and during weekends.

Tanjong beach in Singapore

Tanjong is one of the three beaches located on the southern coast of Sentosa Island. It is located at the furthest point from the beach Station, so you will notice it is much more secluded and peaceful from the others. It gets pretty busy with gay travelers on Sundays!

Ganesha or Petitenget beach in Indonesia

There is not an exclusively gay beach in Bali, however, this particular one has picked the interest of the gay locals and travelers. Located in the northern part of Batu Belig Beach, you can even rent your own sunbed.

Gay scene of Asia: The top gay nightlife destinations

The gay scene of Asia is diverse and much different from the Western one. Ladyboys seem to be in the spotlight and escort men are common. That means that you have to be extra careful during your night excursions, and you should make sure that the men that you meet are not interested only in your pocket.

The majority of the popular Asian towns and islands feature a small gay scene, but only a few of them host a gay scene worthy of mention. Below, you will find four destinations in Asia distinguished for their extensive gay night scene!

Bangkok, the gay metropolis of Asia

The majority of the gay venues of Bangkok are located in the districts of Silom Soi 2, Silom Soi 4 and Silom Twilight. If you like clubbing and partying, then Silom Soi 2 is the best choice for you, as it features a wide range of excellent clubs and bars.

Silom Soi 4 is the most peaceful among the three streets. Here, you can find several gay bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes where you can have fun while chatting. Silom Twilight offers a more unique and naughty type of entertainment. There are several go-go dance clubs along the street where you can see hot erotic shows

Shanghai, the small and ever-changing gay scene

Shanghai is the world’s largest city so its gay scene is pretty small considering that fact. Its gay scene is always changing, so, apart from the bars which are pretty much the same, the experience changes drastically throughout the year. The majority of the gay bars and clubs are located in Changning district but ANGEL Club, the most popular gay club in the city is located in Putuo.

Singapore, the most upcoming gay destination of 2018

Singapore is one of few cities around the world whose gay scene developed so rapidly the last years. The gay scene is concentrated on Neil Road and nearby China Town. It also has a pretty exciting but discreet sauna scene, where you can meet mainly locals and a few travelers. If you are looking for relaxation, do not miss paying a visit to the amazing massage spas for men!

Seminyak, a small and vibrant gay scene

The small but vibrant gay scene of Seminyak in Bali can be compared to the gay life of many European cities. The most popular gay bars and clubs of Seminyak are located on Jalan Camplung Tanduk, while they are distinguished by their amazing gay shows with drag queens and go-go dancers. The gay sauna scene of Seminyak is pretty developed but we recommend you to be cautious, due to the recent events in Jakarta.

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