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Gay Aussie rugby team gets naked to raise world cup funds

Gay Aussie rugby team gets naked to raise world cup funds

Rugger Bugger show to raise funds for Bingham Cup 2018

Some serious muscle is heading to Amsterdam this weekend as 64 teams of burly men and women scrum up for the latest gay rugby world cup tournament, the Bingham Cup.

For some, like the Sydney Convicts – yes that IS their real name – getting to the event can be expensive. So they got their kit off in a raunchy strip show to help raise funds to pay for their travel. Brilliant idea!

On stage, working it for the squad. Rob Spark

It’s not the first time they’ve done this. The show is called Rugger Bugger, which has been described as a ‘Full Monty’ style fundraiser and it never fails.

Rugger Bugger tradition

Sydney Convicts team member Eliot Hastie explains to Gay Star News that Rugger Bugger is a tradition of the Convicts. ‘It is a chance to just let loose and put on a show.’

‘It is always a lot of fun and Convicts get our new members to be the stars of the show. It really helps them to bond with each other and it is always an amazing experience.’

Rugger Bugger gets a little cheeky. Rob Spark

He says there are always nerves, but excitement about the show always wins over. ‘We give all the boys the option of participating. Of course they get nervous, but they are excited and happy to be there.’

Gay rugby team tackles issues

There is a serious side to the event Hastie says: ‘LGBT rugby world cup event is important because of what it represents.

‘Events like the Bingham Cup show people of all ages that being LGBT is not a hindrance to playing or enjoying sport.’

The Convicts have shown how brave they are on stage, but it’s on the pitch they’ll be hoping to really outstrip the competition.

Sydney convicts do the Full Monty as rugger Bugger. Rob Spark

‘We want to snatch the Cup off of the Melbourne Chargers who won it last time, but all the teams will put up a fight,’ Hastie says.

The Bingham Cup tournament runs from Friday 8 June until Sunday 10 June.