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Gay bears get their first video game with Fist of Awesome

Gay bears get their first video game with Fist of Awesome

The new main character of retro-style video game Fist of Awesome was always intended to be gay and a member of the bear community, its creator has revealed.

In Fist of Awesome you play Tim Burr – a bearded flannel shirt wearing lumberjack who travels through time fighting bears of the animal variety but game developer Nicoll Hunt told Pocket Gamer that he had always intended Tim to be a bear of the gay variety.

‘When I started making Fist of Awesome I always intended for the main character, Tim Burr, to be gay,’ Hunt said.

‘It wasn’t something that affects the gameplay in anyway, it was just something the player would discover at the very end of the game. For a game that sells itself pretty hard on the whole beards and bears thing, ending the game with the understanding that Tim was a ‘bear’ all along somehow seemed appropriate.’

At the end of the game, players are asked to ‘pick you fiancée,’ and they can choose between a male lumberjack or a lady lumberjack but Nicoll said his original instinct was to not give players a choice and only have Tim kiss his husband-to-be.

‘It was never intended to be a grand statement on how LGBT people are treated in games – I think it’s only really for those affected to make those kind of assertions,’ Hunt said.

‘It was just my own ham-fisted way of promoting a little more equality in the time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up genre.’

Fist of Awesome is available for iOS, Android, OUYA and GameStick devices.

Watch a trailer for the game below