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Gay Bible ‘arms’ worshippers against Christian haters

Gay Bible ‘arms’ worshippers against Christian haters

A gay-friendly version of the Bible hopes to end Christian arguments that same-sex love is a sin.

The ‘Queen James Bible‘ is a new interpretation of the good book which claims to ‘arm’ gay Christians against homophobes who often point to key passages as proof that God hates gays.

Eight verses from six books, including Genesis and Leviticus, have been ‘reinterpreted’ by the authors who claim homosexuality wasn’t mentioned until the 1946 Revised Standard Version.

The English translation is based on the King James I version, named after the British royal who was famously nicknamed ‘Queen James’ because of his gay affairs.

‘We wanted to make a Bible someone could hold in their hands knowing it could not be used to spread homophobia in the name of God. We succeeded,’ said the editors in a statement.

They added: ‘You can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too.’

The Queen James Bible is available to buy now. To find out more about the new version and how it differs, visit their website now.