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Gay Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons develops child prodigy TV show

Gay Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons develops child prodigy TV show

The Big Bang Theory gay actor Jim Parsons is developing a new television series about child prodigies.

The 39-year-old known for playing geeky neuroscientist Sheldon Cooper in the US sitcom will executive produce the show.

Titled Prodigies, the series will profile exceptionally gifted young people based on a series of videos on YouTube channel THNKR, which has over 100,000 subscribers and 12 million views.

It will focus on how exceptional talent can conflict with childhood.

The Prodigies YouTube series has already profiled Gavin George, a nine-year-old piano prodigy, Brooke Raboutou, an 11-year-old climbing champion and Kelvin Doe, a 14-year-old inventor from Sierra Leone.

Two-time Emmy award winner Parsons said he knew ‘within a few minutes’ of seeing Prodigies he ‘wanted to be part of the team’ bringing the series to television, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Spending time with these geniuses, these children, soaring and struggling with their gifts and their talents is inspiring and entertaining in a way that great television is,’ Parsons said.

He added: ‘Prodigies reveals something about the human spirit with such joy and insight, which is why it achieved such a passionate following on the internet.’

The YouTube sensation also won the International Academy of Web Television’s award for best documentary series.

Adult geniuses such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack and physicist Stephen Hawking have previously made cameo appearances on the The Big Bang Theory.

Parsons is currently showing Prodigies to cable and broadcast networks at the Realscreen Summit in Washington, USA.