Gay Big Brother contestant cuddles up to second ‘straight’ male houseguest

Gay housemate Frankie Grande is getting all kinds of affection during his summer in the Big Brother house.

While his bromance – and possible romance –  with presumably straight housemate Zach Rance has gotten a lot of attention, he has become increasingly affectionate with hunky housemate Cody Calafiore.

Frankie has previously been seen massaging Cody’s buttocks on more than one occasion but footage from the show’s live feed over the weekend shows a more intimate bond.

They cuddle in bed throughout a long conversation with two female contestants and as they cuddle, Frankie calls Cody ‘the most beautiful person I’ve ever met – inside and out.’

Cody says they will have to hang out after the game ends and the two talk about how Frankie lives right around the corner from where Cody’s brother once lived in New York City.

‘I probably checked you out,’ Frankie says.