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Celebrities, stars and sportspeople who came out in 2018

Celebrities, stars and sportspeople who came out in 2018

There’s nothing quite like welcoming new members to our beautiful community.

Coming out can be a very scary act so every celebrity who comes out should be celebrated. Not only for their bravery, but also for their visibility.

So, here are over 70 amazing people who came out this year.

Abbi Jacobson

Abbi Jacobson came out as bisexual in early 2018. She’s known for co-creating and co-starring in Comedy Central series Broad City.

Abbi Jacobson sat reclined on a chair
Abbi Jacobson Reveals the Broad City Cameo Sarah Jessica Parker Kept Refusing | Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube

Abrahm DeVine

US swimmer Abrahm came out as gay in September.

Let’s raise some $! I am growing this mustache (pictured) to help raise money with @stanfordmswim for men’s health through the Movember Foundation. | Photo: Abrahm DeVine Instagram

Alicia Sixtos

East Los High actress Alicia Sixtos came out as pansexual on Coming Out Day. She also had a recurring role in The Fosters.

When music, art and warm blankets are the only things that keep your heart warm. | Photo: Alicia Sixtos Instagram

Alyson Stoner

Alyson is best known for her dancing in hit movie series Step Up. She also starred in Cheaper By The Dozen. In March 2018, she came out as queer.

Alyson Stoner is a bath
FOOL – Alyson Stoner (Official Music Video) | Photo: Alyson Stoner YouTube

Amandla Stenberg

In June 2018, Amandla came out as gay. They rose to fame after playing the character Rue in The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence Taught Amandla Stenberg How to Pee in the Woods | Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube

Andrea Russett

Andrea Russett is a popular US-based YouTuber. This year, she came out as bisexual in an Instagram post in September.

still in the process of learning how to smile. wish me luck :/ | Photo: Andrea Russett Instagram

Anna Akana

Filmmaker and comedian Anna Akana was on stage at the Streamys accepting an award when she came out as bisexual

stay awesome gotham | Photo: Anna Akana YouTube


Anne-Marie came out as bisexual in early 2018. She’s a popular singer in the UK.

Anne-Marie – Perfect To Me [Official Music Video] | Photo: Anne-Marie YouTube

Bebe Rexha

American singer Bebe Rexha came out as bisexual in May 2018.

Can’t be bothered | Photo: Bebe Rexha Instagram

Bex Taylor-Klaus

Bex Taylor-Klaus is a face you’ll regularly see in scary movies, whether it’s MTVs Scream or hit movie Hell Fest. They came out this year as non-binary.

Hell Fest’s Bex Taylor-Klaus Takes the LGBTQuiz | Photo: them YouTube

Brendon Urie

Panic! At The Disco frontman delighted fans this year with his news. Brendon Urie came put as pansexual in July.

Drunk History: Fall Out Boy featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco | Photo: Fall Out Boy YouTube

Brigette Lundy-Paine

Brigette is most loved for her role as Casey in Netflix show Atypical. In September 2018, she came out as queer.

After Hours, Brigette Lundy-Paine Writes Her Own Musicals While Cleaning | Photo: NYLON Video YouTube

Cameron Cole

Cameron Cole was a contestant on this year’s Big Brother UK. He came out as gay on the show. Cameron went on to win.

If you don’t like my perm then you can shat ap! | Photo: Cameron Cole Instagram

Cecil Clarke

Cecil Clarke came out as gay after someone threatened to out him. He is a the mayor of Nova Scotion region Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

Mayor Clark participating in Pride 2017
He came out via a radio show. | Photo: Twitter @MayorCBRM

Collin Martin

Collin Martin is the only male athlete active in the five major pro leagues to be out. He opened up to the world for the first time about being gay in June.

Collin Martin has come out as gay

Cory Michael Smith

In March 2018, Gotham actor Cory Michael Smith came out as queer.

Morena Baccarin & Cory Michael Smith Discuss “Gotham” | Photo: BUILD Series YouTube


Daya is a popular American singer. In a post to mark Coming Out Day, the singer opened up and said she is bisexual.

RL Grime – I Wanna Know feat. Daya (Official Music Video) | Photo: The Official Daya YouTube

Derek Chadwick

Derek is a model and actor, having starred in Scream Queens. He came out as gay in July.

didn’t win anything | Photo: Derek Chadwick Instagram

Donna Missal

Donna Missal came out as bisexual in October 2018. She’s a singer, originally from New Jersey in the United States.

Donna Missal – Keep Lying | Photo: Donna Missal YouTube

Felix Jaehn

In February, German DJ Felix Jaehn came out as bisexual.

Presenting Dua Lipa with the ‘Bambi Award 2018’ | Photo: Felix Jaehn YouTube

Gage Golightly

Gage Golighty is best known for starring in Teen Wolf as character Erica Reyes. She came out as bisexual on Coming Out Day.

Gage Golightly in Teen Wolf | Photo: Teen Wolf MTV

Garrett Clayton

Disney Channel actor Garret Clayton casually came out as LGBTI in August after revealing that he was dating a man.

Is Garrett Clayton gay
The star revealed he was gay while talking about his new movie | Photo: Instagram @garrettclayton1

Hennessy Carolina

Hennessy Carolina is an internet personality and TV host. She’s also the younger sister of rapper Cardi B. Hennessy came out as bisexual in early June.

Hennessy Carolina’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Photo: Harper’s BAZAAR YouTube

Hurley Haywood

Hurley Haywood was 69 when he came out publicly as gay. He is a five time Rolex 24 at Daytona champion,

Hurley Haywood comes out at 69 years old
Hurley Haywood comes out at 69 years old | Photo: Facebook

Indy Yelich-O’Connor

Poet Indy Yelich came out as bisexual in May 2018. She is also the sister of popular singer, Lorde.

reading in the park of my heart | Photo: indy yelich Instagram

Jake Atlas

Jake Atlas started the year by coming out. In January 2018, the pro-wrestler came out as gay.

Tonight, it’s out with the old & in with the new. | Photo: Jake Atlas Instagram

Jake Borelli

Jake Borelli came out as gay, at the same time as the Grey’s Anatomy character he plays also came out as queer.

Jake Borelli in #RealityHigh | Photo: Reality High Netflix

Jake Choi

Actor Jake Choi appears as a series regular in ABC’s new sitcom, Single Parents. He came out as sexually fluid in 2018.

Jake Choi in the Front Cover trailer | Photo: Front Cover trailer

Janelle Monae

Headlines were made in April this year when popular singer Janelle Monae came out as pansexual.

Janelle Monáe in her visual album, Dirty Computer
Janelle Monáe in her visual album, Dirty Computer | Photo: YouTube/Janelle Monáe

Jason Mraz

When singer Jason Mraz came out provisionally, he labelled his sexuality as ‘two-spirit.’ He later clarified that he has had experiences with men and women.

Professional dork | Photo: Jason Mraz Instagram

Jazz Jennings

Trans teen and activist Jazz Jennings officially came out as pansexual early this year. She questioned whether she might be pansexual first in 2016.

my straps ruin this😞 jk i look cute❤️ | Photo: Jazz Jennings Instagram

Jeff Rohrer

Jeff Rohrer came out as LGBTI when he announced that he’d be marrying his boyfriend. He’s a former Dallas Cowboys football player.

Jeff (L) and Josh (R)  – I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. | Photo:
joshuaandjeffrey Instagram

Jessie Paege

Jessie Paege is another YouTuber who came out this year. She came out as bisexual and demisexual in June. The creator is also a writer and actress.

new hair? do we stan?? | Photo: Jessie Paege Instagram

Jessica Platt

Jessica Platt came out publicly for the first time as trans in January 2018. She is a Canadian Women’s hockey league player.

Post run thoughts. | Photo: Jessica Platt Instagram

Joey Pollari

Joey Pollari came out as gay in early 2018. He can be seen in popular gay love story movie, Love Simon.

Joey Pollari in Love, Simon.
Pollari in Love, Simon. | Photo: YouTube/20th Century Fox

Josie Totah

Young actress Josie Totah came out as trans in August. She has has appeared in projects like Champions and Other People.

it’s fall and I can finally get away with wearing brown corduroy | Photo: Josie Totah Instagram

Karina Manta

Karina Manta came out as bisexual in October. She’s a U.S. ice dancer.

Just striving for a look that kinda makes me feel like I’m in a cool new boy-band | Photo: Karina Manta Instagram


Singer Kehlani defined herself as queer in April 2018. Then in November 2018 she said that she has always been pansexual.

New mom alert! | Photo: Facebook/Kehlani

Kevin McHale

Ex Glee star Kevin McHale came out very casually in March 2018.

Kevin McHale
Actor Kevin McHale. | Photo: YouTube/Hollywood Today Live

Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey was first known for her role in movie Dope. She’s also played a role in hit show Transparent. The actress came out as queer in February 2018.

Kiersey Clemons in a suit
@ernestocasillas x @louiferry ❤️ | Photo: Kiersey Clemons Instagram

Lady Leshurr

In September 2018, popular UK rap star Lady Leshurr came out as pansexual. Her real name is Melesha Katrina O’Garro.

1ST PERSON TO SAY CHLAMYDIA LIVE ON AIR | Photo: Lady Leshurr Instagram

Lee Pace

Lee Pace has starred in internationally adored films such as The Hobbit and Guardians of the Galaxy. He came out as LGBTI at the beginning of March.

Lee Pace
Pace comes out, but privately. | Photo: YouTube/InternetWeek

Li Huanwu

Li Huanwu is the grandson of Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew. He came out as gay in July.

Two men standing in a park wearing pink t-shirts and surrounded by other people wearing pink. one of the men is leaning down to the other who is kissing him on the cheek.
Yirui Heng (L) and Huanwu Li at Pink Dot Singapore 2018 | Photo: Facebook/Dear Straight People

Lizzie Marvelly

Lizzie Marvelly is a New Zealand born singer and songwriter who came out as bisexual in May.

The singer/songwriter has come out as bisexual after being mistakenly nominated for a Celebrity Ally Award
Singer/songwriter, columnist, dream-chaser. Editor of @Villainesse. Co-creator of #MyBodyMyTerms and #TheREALSexTalk. | Photo: lizziemarvelly Instagram

Lucas Hedges

Lucas Hedges came out as sexually fluid in October. He played the lead in gay conversion therapy movie Boy Erased.

Lucas Hedges in Manchester By The Sea.
Lucas Hedges in his break-out role in Manchester By The Sea | Photo: IMDB/Amazon Studios

Luis Sandoval

Mexican TV host and actor Luis Sandoval came out on Coming Out Day. He is gay.

Luis Sandoval
Luis Sandoval | Photo: YouTube

Max Bemis

Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis came out in August. He explained he has had queer experiences.

Singer Max Bemis
Singer Max Bemis | Photo: Facebook/Say Anything

Mel Reid

Golfer Mel Reid has been out to family and friends for years. It was this year though she decided to publicly come out as gay.

Golfer Melissa Mel Reid
Golfer Melissa ‘Mel’ Reid (Photo: @wheyahead | Instagram)

Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs came out as bisexual in May. He is a Georgia judge and former Republican state representative.

Mike Jacobs, Georgia judge
The Judge Jacobs | Photo: Twitter @JudgeJacobs

Mounir Mahjoubi

The French Digital Minister, Mounir Mahjoubi, came out as gay in May.

Digital minister Mounir Mahjoubi has come out
Digital minister Mounir Mahjoubi has come out | Photo: YouTube

Natalie Negrotti

Natalie came out as pansexual in July 2018. She’s an American reality star and former NFL cheerleader.

How to take Instagram Photos | Photo: Natalie Negrotti YouTube

Nico Tortorella

Nico Tortorella is best known for their role in hit show Younger. This year, they came out as genderfluid.

Nico Tortorella
We hear you, Nico | Photo: Instagram @nicotortorella

Nir Rotenberg

Nir Rotenberg is a professional wrestler and athlete who lives in Tel Aviv. He came out as gay this year.

Last sunshine moments of October | Photo: Rixon Instagram

Okkar Min Maung

Okkar Min Maung (also known as Ye Htoo Win) publicly came out as gay in July. He’s a Burmese actor and model.

Take me back there please… I miss London | Photo: Ye Htoo Win

Paris Jackson

Model and singer Paris Jackson publicly came out as queer this year.

peace of mind stuck in my head.. the irony | Photo: parisjackson Instagram
peace of mind stuck in my head.. the irony | Photo: parisjackson Instagram

Rebecca Sugar

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar came out as non-binary this year.

Rebecca Sugar is the creator of cartoon series Steven Universe
Rebecca Sugar | Photo: Twitter

Reece King

Reece King came out as bisexual this year. He is an Instagrammer and model.

🎨 | Photo: Reece King Instagram

Rina Sawayama

Singer and model Rina came out as pansexual in the summer of 2018.

i-D Meets: Rina Sawayama | Photo: i-D YouTube

Rita Ora

Rita Ora came out as bisexual this year. She’s a popular singer in the UK and US.

Rita Ora in the Girls music video
Rita Ora in the Girls music video | Photo: YouTube/Rita Ora

Robert Paez

Robert Paez is an Olympic diver from Venezuela. This year, he came out as gay.

🐾 | Photo: Robert Paez Instagram

R.O. Kwon

R.O. Kwon came out a bisexual in November. She’s best known for writing popular novel The Incendiaries.

I stopped being able to watch scary movies when I was 17, but I’d liked IT when I was an intrepid child, and I thought revisiting it could be interesting, maybe even revelatory! | Photo: R.O. Kwon Instagram

Ronan Farrow

Journalist Ronan Farrow acknowledged his sexuality publicly for the first time this year. He recognizes himself as part of the LGBTI community.

Ronan Farrow
Farrow is a formidable voice in journalism | Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Sandra Forgues

Sandra Forgues is an Olympian who came out as trans this year. She was part of France’s Gold winning kayaking team in 1996 in Atlanta, and then won Bronze in Barcelona.

Olympic medalist Sandra Forgues
Sandra decided to transition 18 months ago after feeling like she was ‘living inside a prison’ | Photo: Facebook

Sasha Lane

Sasha Lane came out as gay in January 2018. She can be seen in recent conversion therapy movie, The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

We Met Sasha Lane, the Breakout Star of ‘American Honey’ | Photo: VICE YouTube

Shevrin Jones

This year, this Democratic state representative came out. Shevrin Jones represents Florida. he came out as gay.

Florida Rep. Shevrin Jones
Another barrier broken | Photo: Facebook/Representative Shevrin Jones

Tadd Fujikawa

Tadd Fujikawa was the youngest golf player to every qualify for the US Open at the age of 15. He came out as gay this year.

Tadd Fujikawa
Golfer Tadd Fujikawa | Photo: Instagram @taddy808

Tessa Thompson

Hollywood actress Tessa Thompson addressed her sexuality publicly for the first this year. She came out as bisexual.

Tessa Thompson
Thompson opens up about her sexuality | Photo: YouTube/W Magazine

Todd Harrity

Sports star Todd Harrity came out as gay this year. He is a professional squash player.

Todd Harity
Todd Harrity has become the first openly gay male in professional squash | Photo: Facebook

Tommy Ahlers

This Danish politician revealed that he is bisexual this year. Tommy Ahlers is the country’s Minister for education and research.

Tommy Ahlers
Tommy Ahlers (Photo: Tommy Ahlers | Facebook)

Zack Leader

Zack Leader started the year by coming out as gay. He’s a British biking champion.

Zack Leader
Zack Leader won the British Evo Bike Championship last year| Photo: Facebook/Zack Leader

Zander Hodgson

Zander Hodgson is a British model who came out as gay this year.

Zander Hodgson
Zander Hodgson (Photo: @zanderhodgson | Instagram)