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Gay bobsledder Simon Dunn retires from sport with ‘mixed emotions’

Gay bobsledder Simon Dunn retires from sport with ‘mixed emotions’

Simon Dunn came out publicly in December 2014 (Simon Dunn | Instagram)

Australian rugby pro Simon Dunn, the first openly gay man to represent Australia in the sport of bobsledding, took to Instagram today to announce he’s quitting the sport.

Dunn had been training to represent his country in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea but admits his heart just isn’t in it.

‘It’s no longer something I love, and this is why my time with the sport is ending,’ he writes.

‘Although I may never achieve my goal of being an Olympian, I’ve achieved so many personal goals during my time on the Australian team for that I’m gratified in my decision. The last few years have been a truly amazing experience.

‘I’ve met some astonishing people and made memories I will cherish forever. For that I will always be grateful. I’ve felt a proudness in my own sexuality that I hadn’t felt in the 27 years prior. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin as a proud gay man.’

Dunn, who came out publicly in 2014, says he’ll be going back to playing rugby and will continue with his advocacy on behalf of LGBTI equality.

He’s grateful the support he’s received since coming out and embarking on his Olympic dream.

‘Your encouragement through heartfelt letters are what have kept me going during the hard times,’ he writes.

‘Getting literally hundreds of messages from you all saying my openness has helped with your own struggles means more to me than you’ll ever know.’