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Gay politician trolls Trump’s ‘mate’ Nigel Farage live on TV

Gay politician trolls Trump’s ‘mate’ Nigel Farage live on TV

Seb Dance MEP is not having it

A gay British politician has trolled Eurosceptic leader and Trumps ‘mate’ Nigel Farage live on TV.

Seb Dance, a Labour member of European Parliament from London, showed his obvious frustration with the man who is accused of promoting lies to the British public in order for them to vote for Brexit.

He has also been quoted repeatedly as having Islamophobic, sexist and homophobic views.


But today, he met his match in the form of Dance, who literally went behind Farage’s back for payback.

Farage was speaking in support of the Trump administration and its recently implemented ban of people from seven Muslim-majority countries including Syria and Iraq.

In close-up pictures, you can see he was wearing a Trump badge on his lapel.

‘You see what has happened here is somebody has stood on a manifesto for election, got into office and within one week said that he will hold faith with his own electorate,’ Farage said.

‘It is called genuine democracy. Unlike the system we have at the European Union where the unelected commissioners like Mogherini here have the sole right to propose legislation.’

Meanwhile, in the background, Dance was holding up a handwritten sign.

It read ‘he’s lying to you’ with an arrow pointing into Farage’s direction.

He was eventually asked to take the sign down, but the internet is loving him for it.

@SebDance Thanks Seb. Been wanting to do that for years.