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Gay Catholics call on Pope Francis to accept them in moving film

Gay Catholics call on Pope Francis to accept them in moving film

A heartwarming film released today (10 March) aims to achieve full acceptance of LGBTI persons in the Catholic Church.

It has already reached thousands of people and aims to be seen by Pope Francis and the Vatican clergy.

The 15 minute documentary includes touching personal accounts from Catholic LGBTI people and their family’s acceptance of them.

Michael Tomae, creator of the film, was inspired after volunteering at Covenant House, a youth hostel where many of the residents had been disowned by their Christian families because of their sexuality or gender identity.

It’s not only younger Christians who are juggling their faith with sexuality in the film:

‘It’s just not a matter of accepting us, or tolerate us, you have to encourage us to be who we are. We are God’s creation. And to deny that is to deny that He knows what the hell He’s doing.’ says Mike Roper, a 74-year-old teacher from New York.

Trans people often find themselves stigmatized by religious groups.

Hilary Howes, 60, tells of her own personal paradox.

‘It’s as hard to be Catholic in the transgender community as it is to be transgender in a Catholic community,’ she said.

Along with many, Eva Tushnet, a writer from Washington, found that she was almost put off by the Church’s stance towards LGBTI people.

‘The Church’s teaching on homosexuality was probably my biggest stumbling block in becoming a Catholic. It was something I was pretty concerned over,’ she said.

Matt Putorti, 30, thinks the Catholic approach discriminates gay people:

‘The Catholic Church probably thinks that it is accepting of gay people, the Church also tells people that gay people essentially they need to be celibate. You cannot live fully. You can be gay but you can’t live that life. That is inherently discriminatory,’ he said. 

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