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Gay celebrities take to social media to get out the vote in the US

Ellen DeGeneres, Alan Cumming and Billie Jean King among those urging Americans to take part in elections

Gay celebrities take to social media to get out the vote in the US

With President Barack Obama in a close race against Mitt Romney and marriage equality measures on the ballot in four US states, LGBT celebrities from Ellen DeGeneres to Chaz Bono took to social media Tuesday (6 November) to try and get out the vote.

DeGeneres, spokeswoman for the JC Penney retail chain, mixed politics with commerce in her message: ‘If you want to see change… vote. If you want equal rights… vote. If you want good deals on holiday sweaters, go to jcp. Then vote.’

Tennis legend Billie Jean King, who has spent her life fighting for equality for women, posted a thoughtful message to her Facebook follwers making clear her support for Obama who became the first sitting US president to publicly endorse gay marriage.

‘Every generation stands on the shoulders of the generations before – just like I do. And I’m very thankful to all those people that suffered so that I could have a better life,’ King wrote. ‘When I was going through all my suffering I use to always imagine what I’d like the world to look like and we are certainly much closer to it than ever – and I know that President Barack Obama is very responsible for this happening because he stood up for us. Please Vote Today!’

Also weighing in was Tony winner Harvey Fierstein who wrote on Twitter: ‘Just got back from voting. No line. No delay. Just a wonderful feeling that I’ve earned my right to shoot off my mouth!’

Actress Sarah Paulson simply tweeted ‘Feels so good’ after she voted while actor Alan Cumming wrote: ‘I just voted!! I beamed with pride as I did so too!’

Author Christopher Rice noted in a Facebook post how divisive the election has been on social media: ‘Once this election is over, let us all wait another 4 years before beginning a Facebook post with the words, ‘People like you…”

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