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Gay clergy to speak in Hong Kong next week

Gay clergy to speak in Hong Kong next week

The first openly gay bishop Gene Robinson and lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder will appear at a conference exploring Christianity and homosexuality in Asia next week.

Gene Robinson is bishop of the diocese of New Hampshire for the Episcopal Church and Yvette Flunder founded the Church of Refuge in San Francisco. They will both speak at Amplify 2012 in Hong Kong from 22 to 24 June.

The conference features sessions in English, Mandarin and Cantonese on ‘Constructing and practicing queer theology in Hong Kong’, ‘The Bible and homosexuality’ and ‘Hybridity of Identity: Chinese, Gay & Christian?’.

It is being hosted by Blessed Minority Community Fellowship, a non-denominational Christian church started by a group of gay people in Hong Kong in 1992.

Now with around 80 people attending services each week, the church has found the Christians from around Asia are signing up for the conference.

‘There is a lot of interest, so we are excited,’ said one of the organizers Paul Lucas. ‘We expect over 200 to join us drawn from more than ten churches in eight countries…and its growing…’

Reverend Oyoung, who ‘married’ his partner in Malaysia earlier this month, is going to the conference with 30 Christians from mainland China.