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Gay conservatives to hold Homocon during Republican National Convention

GOProud leaders say a who's who of the conservative movement' is expected

Gay conservatives to hold Homocon during Republican National Convention

GOProud, a gay conservative group, said Thursday (9 August) that it will be holding an event called Homocon 2012 during the Republican National Convention later this month.

The group, which says it seeks to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government and a respect for individual rights, has pushed for inclusion in Republican and conservative circles since 2009.

‘Homocon 2012 will be the must have ticket for the RNC,’ said Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director and co-founder of GOProud. ‘Our special guests will be a who’s who of the conservative movement.’

Among those expected at Homocon are former American Conservative Union chairman David Keane, Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer, CNN contributor and longtime GOP strategist Mary Matalin, CNN contributor Will Cain, and Richard Grenell, the former UN spokesman who was briefly foreign policy spokesman for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

The group promises to announce more guests in the coming weeks.

‘Homocon 2012, like our previous events, will be more than just a party.  It is an opportunity to show where the conservative movement is and where it is going in regards to the inclusion of gay people,’  said Christopher R. Barron, GOProud co-founder and chief strategist. ‘The left would like America to believe that it has a monopoly on gay people, and that only big government policies are good for gay Americans. Worse, the left wants America to believe that all conservatives are anti-gay.  Nothing could be further from the truth.’

‘The truth is that conservative policies and limited government are better for all Americans – especially gay Americans,’ he added. ‘Further, gay conservatives are an important part of the conservative movement and this event will highlight that.’

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