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Gay country singer Steve Grand reflects on his song All-American Boy going viral

Gay country singer Steve Grand reflects on his song All-American Boy going viral

In just five days, Steve Grand’s video of his song All-American Boy is already closing in on nearly a half-million views on YouTube and he has close to 30,000 followers on Facebook.

The gay country singer’s song about unrequited love with a straight friend and its gorgeous video have struck a cord and put the previously unknown singer and model on many a radar screen.

Grand has just posted a message to his new fans on Facebook and reflects, at length, on all that has happened so quickly:’A week ago today I was sitting with my best friend out on the curb. I was shaking physically. I felt so sick and all my insides felt like they were twisted up in a big knot. I had completely lost my appetite over the last few weeks and could not eat.’

‘I was so scared guys,’ he adds. ‘I had no idea what reaction my video would get… I was so scared that I would be shot down and that my life’s dream to tell this story in a beautiful way would have failed. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to pay off my credit card debt from the video shoot, and not be able to pay rent and ultimately be evicted from my apartment. I was scared my parents would be ashamed of me. I was scared I would lose my jobs.’

Grand admits that for a long time he has felt like a failure without money, a college degree, or a steady job. He frequently had to ‘couch hop’ because he could not afford to pay rent.

Apologizing for the length of his Facebook message, he also writes: ‘People are already saying I’m going to end up hurt by wearing my heart on my sleeve. That the press will eat me alive. but you guys deserve nothing but my full heart.’

He insists that while the rising video hits and instant press attention has been great, he is most focuses on the fans who connected with his song.

Among those fans is teenager Dan Williams who wrote in the song’s YouTube page today: ‘I have to say, for us teenage gays in the rural, conservative, out of the way towns and villages, it’s videos like these, just these simple, pure, and genuine expressions of emotion that keep us going. I’m the only gay male in my village of 600 people, and even if the song has a somewhat sad message, it still makes me feel like I’m not alone, and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make this video.’

Another new fan, Christian Nanu wrote: ‘Love your song and your story today i hit so many times the replay button and when I was at work today that is all i had in my mind.You are doing something special and don’t let anyone to drag you down just because you are the way you are. Be brave and stand up.’

Grand writes that after hearing from so many people, even though he does not know them personally, ‘we are connected in a very special way somehow … in our aching and in our longing.’

‘Thank you for coming together, for each other and for all those that long and ache… all those that are brave and all those who want to make this world feel just a little less lonely.’