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Gay couple arrested in Pakistan over ‘secret marriage’

Gay couple arrested in Pakistan over ‘secret marriage’

Police have arrested a gay couple in Pakistan after they were reported to have carried out a ‘secret marriage’ in the Jaffarabad district of Balochistan.

The couple’s friend and a man who read their Nikkah (the Muslim marriage contract) have also been arrested, according to reports from the Express Tribune.  

‘We have arrested four people, including the couple, who are under investigation,’ Station House Officer (SHO) Gandawa PS Zulfiqar Jamali told the newspaper. 

However, reports also suggest that the marriage was not ‘serious’. Jamali added: ‘The young men during the investigation have said it was not a serious marriage as they were just joking.

‘The man who read out the Nikkah was not a religious cleric nor was he authorised to do that.’

The newspaper adds: ‘However, a medical report suggested that the couple had sex.’

This could possibly suggest the two men have been anally probed, otherwise known as a ‘test of shame’. This practise involves the anus being examined to see if it has been penetrated. This has been widely discredited as inaccurate and described as akin to an ‘act of torture’ by Human Rights Watch.

Gay marriage and same-sex acts are illegal in the country. The ‘secret marriage’ is said to be the first in the Balochistan region.