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Gay couple attacked by neo-Nazis in São Paulo

Two men were attacked by a group of skinheads wielding backpacks holding wooden bats with nails and Japanese weapons

Gay couple attacked by neo-Nazis in São Paulo

A gay couple was attacked by a group of neo-Nazi skinheads in São Paulo yesterday (6 November).

The couple, a 23-year-old sculptor and his 34-year-old partner, suffered head injuries but managed to identify two of their attacks.

According to São Paulo’s Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), the couple, a 23 were leaving after a night out in front of a bar on Rua Augusta, around 4am.

While they waited for a taxi, the couple was surrounded by a group of skinheads who shouted homophobic abuse and attacked them with their backpacks.

One victim told the police he felt there were sharp objects inside the backpack as he was being beaten.

A bar bouncer saved the couple and let them back into the closed bar where they could be safely taken to hospital.

Patrolling policemen were alerted, who arrived at the hospital to question the victims about their attackers.

Shortly later, three men and a woman were found. On their person they found a backpack containing a wooden bat with nails and a Japanese weapon nunchaku. Police seized the weapons.

Due to the couple wishing to formally press charges, the suspects were released.

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