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Gay couple brutally assaulted by parents in Senegal

Gay couple brutally assaulted by parents in Senegal

Two gay guys from Guédiawaye, a suburb of the capital Dakar, were brutally attacked by parents of one of the men, and outed by the media.

The two, who have been outed by the Senegalese media as Mouhamadou Lamine Ndour and Pape Diop, were making love at Ndour’s home when his parents suddenly returned and caught them at the act on Thrusday (27 December).

The parents reportedly brutally attacked and beat up the two men.

Ndour has not been seen since the incident by his family and has reportedly fled elsewhere.

The Senegalese media has reported the event replete with anti-gay hate language, describing them as ‘fags’ acting ‘against nature’, and condemning them for not hesitating to control their ‘nature’.

The Senegalese Senxibar portal wrote that the suburb of ‘Guédiawaye is in shock’ and its inhabitants ‘incensed’.

‘It was after of heavy drinking that the two fags … decided to commit the act.

‘The mere fact of being "goorjigen" [an extremely offensive anti gay term] is not in itself punishable under the [Senegalese] penal code’, but committing the act is, the portal stated.

The portal went on to remind the readers how recently other ‘fags’ were caught in the act and punished by the law for their ‘acts against nature’.

The portal went on to state that homosexuality is the ‘scourge of modern times’ and that all Senegalese religious leaders fiercely oppose to decriminalise it.

The media in Senegal, a conservative Muslim country, has been recently hyping up a recent case of, Tamsir Jupiter Ndiaye, a famous journalist who was caught having sex and attacking with another man and imprisoned for four years.

The case was negatively reported by the media and condemned by religious leaders causing widespread moral panic and anti-gay rhetoric in the country.

Senegal specifically outlaws same-sex sexual acts; article 319 prohibits ‘unnatural sexual acts’ and punishes homosexuality with one to five years imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 ($200 €152) to 1,500,000 Senegal Francs ($2,000 €1,524).

Speaking with Gay Star News, Omar Kuddus, an openly gay Muslim LGBT rights advocate, based in the UK, said: ‘Such incidents highlight the difficulties LGBT Senegalese face in society.

‘The recent case of Tamsir Jupiter Ndiaye who refused legal aid demonstrates how families and communities are influenced by the media and imams who misconstrue Islamic traditions as being against homosexuality.

‘However what is disturbing even more in the reported incident is that parents who do not accept that their son is gay resort to physical violence, partly due to such anti-gay views.’

‘It is further compounded precisely by such hateful language as in the report above that are designed to stir up hatred and keep the public and religious leaders firmly opposed to decriminalization of homosexuality.

‘These kind of reports regrettably indicate that Senegal has no intention of decriminalizing same-sex acts or stop persecuting its LGBT citizens, let alone accept homosexuality’.