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Gay couple found dead in London building site

Gay couple found dead in London building site

The bodies of a gay couple have been found in the foundations of a London building site.

Police have named the men as Gavin Brewer, 32-year-old British Transport Officer, and his boyfriend Stuart Meads, a 34-year-old who worked on The Weakest Link.

At around 2.30am on Saturday (19 October), the men were reportedly arguing in Hampstead Road, Camden, when they stopped at a site where a bottom flat is being redeveloped.

When they leaned against a wooden barrier, they fell into the basement area. This is where they died.

Meads’ father Stephen said the police had told the family the deaths were a ‘freak accident’ and were not considering taking action against the development company.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said: ‘Stuart was a wonderful son and is a huge loss to our family. We are in shock. It is a very difficult time.’

Stephen Baker, a friend of Meads, said police had told his family the deaths were a ‘freak accident’.

‘There is no question of attributing blame to them. It was just a freak accident that could have happened at two in the afternoon,’ he said.

‘They were a wonderful couple. They clearly cared for each other a great deal. They had just come back from a tour of Europe. They were very happy and in love, by all accounts.’

The deaths are being treated as unexplained, with the Health and Safety Executive involved in the investigation.

A resident has claimed the property developers have since made the barrier safe.