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Gay couple get engaged at Taylor Swift concert

Gay couple get engaged at Taylor Swift concert

Going to see your fave rock girl perform is one thing, but when your boyfriend then proposes to you during the show… OMG!

That’s what happened to Ric while he was enjoying Taylor Swift perform her Reputation tour gig in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Ric tweeted about the proposal: ‘He asked me to marry him while Taylor Swift was singing our song in front of us and I said ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY.’

Swift proposal: Samy pops the question to boyfriend Ric as Taylor Swift performs. Photo: @itsricbitch Twitter

He also posted photos of the happy moment when his true love, Samy, got down on one knee and popped the question.

His gorgeous boyfriend had clearly planned the whole thing and even had the ring with him.

Swift can be heard singing Call It What You Want as the happy couple become engaged. The happy moment was filmed by a nearby friend.

As Swift sang her Call It What You Want hit, it all got very emosh as a friend recorded the moment. Ric is overcome with tears of joy as his man placed the gold band on his right hand.

Swift’s music saw Ric through very challenging times

The happy moment is made all the more poignant given young Ric’s recent past and Taylor Swift’s unwitting role in helping him through a tough patch.

In January this year Ric shared on his Instagram how had previously been depressed and had even attempted suicide. He bravely explained how he battled the depression and started turning his life around, with the help of Swift’s music.

Begin Again: Ric shared how Swift’s music helped him beat depression and rebuild his life. Photo: @itsricbitch Instagram

‘I don’t know how it happened but my depression turned into self-forgiveness and then into love for the life that I was living’, Ric wrote.

‘Taylor Swift and 1989 saved my life and I’m very thankful to be alive. I’m sharing my story because I want you to know that it gets better.’

We’re really chuffed that Ric has found happiness and true love, and we’re thrilled he’s now getting married.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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