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Gay couple harassed and brutally assaulted in Irish pub

Gay couple harassed and brutally assaulted in Irish pub

In Sligo, a gay couple was assaulted

In an alleged homophobic attack, a gay couple was bitten, head-butted, and assaulted at a pub in Sligo, Ireland.

Gary Daly, 32, was enjoying a morning at the pub on Saturday with his date when the attack happened. His date is a 20-year-old native of the town.

Daly recalled hearing: ‘Are those two gays kissing?’ He then said the man demanded they leave, according to statements given to The Irish Sun.

‘We have the same rights as anyone else to be here,’ Daly said he told the man, standing his ground.

However, instead of that being the end of it, the situation escalated into terrible violence.

The man returned with eight or ten other men, according to Daly. He then head-butted Daly before it turned into an onslaught of punching and kicking.

‘We tried to defend ourselves,’ Daly explained. ‘I was able to subdue one of them, but then one of the other guys threw me down a flight of stairs into the beer garden.’

The men thew furniture before another patron briefly broke up the fight. However, when the couple entered the pub again, verbal and physicals slurs began again.

‘One of them came over and bit me on the nose,’ Daly revealed. ‘Another one had grabbed my friend by the head and bounced it off the bar. As they were leaving the guy who bit me on the nose said “I am not into that s***”.’

Daly was left with scars following the bite during the attack. He also had to get a Hepatitis B shot and needs two more in the future.

It was the first time he was ever attacked for his sexuality.

‘After the attack I would second-guess kissing another guy in public. It would certainly make me think twice about ever doing it again.’